Solar Panel Cleaning in Geelong

Did you know that your solar panels lose efficiency as time passes?

Bird droppings, dust, salt, corrosion, and lichen build up on your panels, reducing outputs by as much as 40% and increasing your energy bills.

Total Maintenance Solutions (TMS) offers an environmentally friendly cleaning approach and full visual inspection of your Solar Panels, providing you with before and after photos and a full report on your system and its performance.

All our experienced technicians are fully Solar accredited.

Additionally, TMS can combine the cleaning and visual inspection with a full electrical inspection and safety check. This helps to ensure that your system meets current electrical standards. We also conduct a full system audit and efficiency test to ensure your system is performing at its optimal capacity. These tests are conducted by solar-accredited licensed Electricians, who will provide you with a full report and recommendations.

By combining the two services, you will not only receive a full overview of your systems’ performance but also notice a decrease in your energy bills.

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